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It's All So Sugarless...


*me being weird*

I've recently decided that I am done with the internet... unless I have to use it for school or something.  I think it's pointless to talk online, unless you know the person... like met them in the "real world".. even then... I don't like talking online or being online.. it takes away from other things I could be doing... so my website is mostly dead for now.
Well since you took the time to come here... I might as well tell you some stuff about me. I won't say much, just enough:)

I finally have a picture on the "about me" section. I don't have a new one yet.. but I honestly don't feel like taking the time to scan one and then put it on here. I updated which I haven't done in about 4 months. So that's new. Hmmm I added a new journal entry.... and everything in my life changed basically since last time... I finally grew up!!!!

Enjoy my pets:)

What's New?

Nothing's new... but everything is new.
YAY!!!!! The Teen Choice Awards will be on next week, so I have to watch them;) cause one day I WILL be on there too... winning awards.. and I'll have to pretend I hate it... because it's stupid.. but I'll really secretly wanna be there.. hahaha
Hmmm... Summer is almost over and that sucks because I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't wanna go back to school, email me if you wanna adopt me so I don't have to go back.

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"I fuck the world because I can, got what it takes to be a man, oh rape this world I know you can, got what it takes to be a man" - Hole

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